Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Eating local

Tonight we had a "local" meal.  Everything was either grown or made by us or from a local (within 50 miles) grower.  So, what did we have?  We had pork from a pig that one of the boys raised, barbeque sauce made by me, lettuce, onions and kale from our garden and beets from a local grower.  We are growing beets but ours are not ready yet, I guess I need to get them started earlier next year.  Then for dessert we had fresh strawberries that we had picked at a local farm. 


This is some of out first fresh veggies of the year and I just love knowing where the food came from and how it was grown.  I like to think it is better for us, but I know it tastes better.  I think it is important for everyone to have access to fresh quality food at an affordable price.  One way of doing this is to grow some of your food and everyone can do so in some form, even if only in a windowsill planter.  A recent new story about a the Bass Family outside Detroit, MI concerns me, the mother faces jail time for growing some vegetables in her front yard!  Is growing vegetables in the front yard the biggest crime this area faces?  If vegetables can be grown on the White House Lawn, why is it a crime in the suburbs?

If you are interested in learning more about eating local check out The Locavore's Handbook or Eat Where You Live