Thursday, September 9, 2010

Going once, Going twice, SOLD!

Ruby and Max, our heifer and steer, went to the auction.  The kids were kind of sad to see them go but are excited at the prospect of getting some new animals.  We probably will get a couple more calves to raise for the auction again, once the calves are weaned.  So that leads us to what shall we get now? 

I had been lobbying for a dairy cow, but I am getting no where with that.  So I have switched to a goat (or 3) for milking.  Since we are mainly interested in the heritage breed animals I am leaning towards the Nigerian Dwarf Goats.  Another advantage is their small size.  We have had goats before and they were Nubians - a large dairy goat.  Of course the husband tells me it is a huge commitment to milking twice a day.  I know, I know I have a history of great ideas that sometimes don't turn out the way I think they will.  I guess I need to work on that. 

Have a great day!  


Kathy said...

lol aww.. always made me sad when the cows/calves left.. honestly rethink the milking 2x a day.. it is a huge commitment..we had a dairy for 25