Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy NOT back to school!

This time of year you hear about back to school everywhere it seems like.  Yet a growing number of families across the United States, like our family, are choosing not to go back to school and to homeschool. 

Our family is what we like to call accidental homeschoolers - the public school was not meeting the needs of our oldest son.  The superintendent of schools even said that they had to focus on the children that were behind and hope that those who where ahead did not get to bored.  YIKES!  So began our journey as a homeschooling family in 2007.  Of course homeschooling has lots of advantages and a few of our top ones are; we can take vacations whenever we want - when places are less crowded!  we can study whatever interests us whenever we want. Everyday situations become teaching moments.  We can study the Bible as part of our school lessons.    Each family that homeschools has different reasons and does so in a different way - there is no one correct reason or way to homeschool. 

Of course with McP having diabetes that is even another reason to homeschool.  our district has 1 nurse that travels to all the district schools and is only in each school about once per week.  They will not allow other staff members to assist children with medical needs like testing blood sugar or giving insulin.  I would need to go to the school each time he needed his blood sugar checked or needed insulin and since I am not a licensed medical professional I could not test or give the insulin on the school grounds and would have to actually check him out of school several times a day.   CRAZY!

Right now homeschooling works for our family.  If it continues to work then we will continue to homeschool.  If it stops working for us or we need a change then I have the number to call the yellow bus and send them on their way. 

Until then, Happy Back to School or Happy Not Back to School!